AVALON is a fast-paced VR action game featuring ranged weapons, melee weapons, and magick. Recently launched into pre-alpha, you can fight robotic enemies within the training simulation using energy blades, sidearms, and electrokinesis.


AVALON is a long-term, live service project centered around community involvement. The game takes place in a vast universe that combines concepts from fantasy and science fiction. Players will be able to travel throughout the universe to participate in ongoing conflicts across a variety of worlds, with the efforts of the community shaping the narrative as it continues to play out in real time. More information will be revealed as the development progresses.

During the pre-alpha we’ll be developing the core systems, adding a variety of weapons, abilities, game modes, and enemies, all of which will serve as the basis for the in-game training simulation. As we transition to Alpha development, we’ll begin to flesh out the systems that represent the actual gameplay outside of the simulation.


You’re a member of the Guardian Order, an elite group of sentinals sworn to protect the universe from dangerous otherworldly threats.

The universe is currently enjoying a time of relative peace, with the occassional disturbance being swiftly dealt with. However, while the universe thrives, reports indicate suspicious activity from an old faction remnant, while an unknown precense stirs in the outer regions.

Anticipating the inevitable conflicts, more Guardians must be recruited to help defend against the forseen threats. As an initiate of the Order, you have arrived on the planet of Alethia, where you will undergo extensive training to prepare for the coming storm.


While AVALON is the starting point and the #1 priority, we have tons of other content planned and currently in the works. We are putting in a lot of effort in building up the universe in which the game is set. The first content you’ll see is small lore posts detailing current or historical events, or information regarding factions, races or technologies. This content will be shared on Patreon first before later being posted publicly.


AVALON is and always will be totally free, with no in-game monetization. While the game is a passion project that will continue development for years regardless of the financial status, we’ll be relying on support from the community in order to continue the current rate of development. At the moment we’re a small 2-person team, but with enough support we’ll be able to scale up and further speed up development.