Combat deadly enemies from robotic sentinals to interdimensional shadow beings, using guns, blades, bows and magick. Take part in conflicts across the galaxy, that happen in real time and evolve based on the actions of players.


You’re a member of the Guardian Order, an elite group of sentinals sworn to protect the universe from dangerous otherworldly threats. While powerful, you aren’t the Chosen One; the fate of the universe rests in the hands of all Guardians.

The universe is currently enjoying a time of relative peace, with the occassional disturbance being swiftly dealt with. However, while the universe thrives, reports indicate suspicious activity from a rapidly expanding organization and their search for dangerous artifacts, while an unknown precense stirs in the outer regions.

Anticipating the inevitable conflicts, more Guardians must be recruited to help defend against the forseen threats. As an initiate of the Order, you have arrived on the planet of Alethia, where you will undergo extensive training to prepare for the coming storm.


The universe of Avalon actively progresses over time, matched up with the real world. Each year that passes IRL is a year in the game universe. The number of active players determines how many Guardians there are, with real life funding for the project deciding the amount of resources available to the Order. Community goals and player choices will impact the future of the universe as conflicts progress and the story unravels.

Additional stories are planned to act as companion content for those wanting to dig into the lore of AVALON, which will evolve to actively detail the major events that are taking place in the universe.


AVALON is and always will be totally free, with zero in-game monetization. While the game is largely a passion project that will continue development for years regardless of the financial status, we’ll be relying on support from the community in order to scale up and increase the rate of development.

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