AVALON will always be available for free. We aren’t going to sell the game on full release, or monetize the game itself in any way. No in-game purchases or external purchases that give you stuff in the game. Insanity, I know.

The whole project is being done out of a love for VR and the enjoyment that comes along with creating an entire living universe you can interact with. It’s pretty great. But considering this is a full-time project, that passion alone isn’t enough to live on.

For $3 or $9 a month you can help support the development and get access to exclusive WIP content to be the first see the latest progress. You’ll also be able to particiate in polls to determine the priority of features, and get early access to YouTube videos and lore posts. And as thanks, you’ll be featured at the end of videos in the credits, and get either the Initiate or Guardian role on discord.

At the Guardian tier, you’ll also get access to the Early Access/Experimental branch for access to experimental features and early access to major updates.


Want to support the project, but Patreon isn’t your thing? Well we won’t refuse your money, so you can use the form on the right if you’re feeling generous! Any donation here will get you listed in the credits, and any $10+ donation will get you in the shoutouts for the month. If you tip the equivalent of 5 months of Patreon, we’ll give you the discord role for that tier permanently. Any amount $25 and up will give you lifetime access to the Experimental branch.


Listed in the credits of videos and (eventually) the game.


A shoutout in applicable videos for the month.


Permanent “Initiate” discord role.


Lifetime access to the Early Access/Experimental branch of AVALON.


Giving us money isn’t the only way you can support us. The more people who know about the game, the more we can grow. Sharing the website, videos, discord server, or engaging with us on social media goes a long way towards helping us build the community.